Ness Point Pumping Station

Waveneys | Ness Point Pumping Station

Ness Point is a large terminal pumping station transferring sewage from Lowestoft to Corton STW. Being a coastal station it suffered heavy concrete degradation throughout the works from Hydrogen sulphide which had to be repaired.

To provide a safe working area for the repairs Waveney pumps overpumped the works from existing structures into the final delivery main at a flow rate of 2.5 m3/second, some at a head of 35 metres.

Two 4 ton stainless steel grit removal plants in deep chambers were cut up with plasma cutters and removed to provide duty and storm wetwells for the pumps, on completion of the concrete repair the grit plant sections were re-installed and welded up
With the grit plant removed, pump support steelwork was constructed inside the chambers and 6 three ton rental pumps were installed.

Ductile iron pump discharge mains of 450mm and 700mm diameter were installed at high level, supported on a lattice steel structure, fabricated in our workshop.

The existing station pumps were removed and their discharge pipework was modified to connect into the station outlet rising mains.

The overpumping was designed by Waveneys so that station electrical power could be utilised to run the pump saving heavy generator and fuel costs.

The overpump was controlled from a remote panel and monitored 24/7 by our engineers.

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